Inhouse design


The lighting industry is constantly evolving, providing both challenge and opportunity. It fascinates us to keep on bringing new designs and lighting solutions to the market. You could consider it a passion to continuously surprise and inspire people with new lighting languages.

An essential attribute in Delta Light’s creative process is the extensive in-house design, development, testing, engineering, and manufacturing of all products. This enables us to achieve our short idea-to-market philosophy, resulting in extensive new collections being launched on a regular basis.

Our in-house design team crafts cutting-edge lighting solutions, that combine an architectural design language, a minimalist approach, and a boldness that challenges the boundaries of technology. In-house design is the foundation of our product portfolio, but we also love to collaborate with architects and designers, from different industries to create and innovate.

Delta Light’s extensive design and R&D teams are constantly discovering future trends, both in terms of design and use of materials, whilst remaining focused on the power of imagination. Its creative statement is supported by the opinion of expert panels, resulting in prestigious awards for our collection of products, including
IF Design Award, Good Design Award,
Red Dot Design Award plus many more..

We are focused on the detail. The looks, how a fixture moves, how it can be specified and installed, the ease of enjoying the light and so much more. With a surprising visual simplicity, our products are the result of extensive research and testing, fusing advanced technology with timeless design and sustainable materials.

Inhouse design