Research and development


Continuous research & innovation

Delta Light has been at the forefront of lighting technology for over 30 years now, and we continue to push boundaries, both in interior and exterior lighting. Our investment in R&D, production and innovation aims to deliver outstanding luminaires, blending contemporary design with high-quality materials, advanced engineering, the very best performance and a long lifespan.

Cutting-edge LED technology

As luminaire designers and manufacturers, we always strive to create the best possible thermal conditions in the luminaire, to ensure the LEDs operate at their optimum From the design of the LED circuit boards and heat sink, to the selection of materials, to the assembly process and installation techniques… everything is engineered to reach optimal life expectancy and maximum efficiency.
By partnering with the best LED suppliers in the world, we ensure a consistent LED selection with color uniformity across all product ranges. A minimum of MacAdam Step 2 is standard throughout our collection, whilst many of our new collection LEDs offer MacAdam Step 1.

Certified laboratory testing

Product quality and safety testing within our Delta Light laboratory conform to the International Electrotechnical Commission standards. The close cooperation and CTF stage 3 acceptance with our certifying partners SGS-CEBEC and INTERTEK leads to CE, ENEC and CB certifications for European and IEC member countries

Our laboratory also covers the certification of products for the North American market by being certified as a level 4 satellite laboratory for INTERTEK.
This allows us to efficiently obtain the cETLus listing for our standard North American product range and provide exceptional service for even the most demanding customer specific solutions.

Certified Laboratory Testing
Advanced optics

Advanced optics

Delta Light’s team of engineers and optic experts are on a continuous quest to match the company’s credo for design with energy-efficiency and optimal quality of light. Delta Light’s collection is ready to meet the needs of today’s architecture, interior and landscape design, and to illuminate with impact.
We offer different precision light distributions to fulfil various requirements, with high uniformity, for demanding applications. CAD-engineered and precision manufactured lenses deliver a tightly controlled light distribution.
The variety of optics, beams and other features enable designers to meet the various illumination needs.

State of the art development techniques

An important feature in Delta Light’s creative process is the use of state-of-the-art development techniques. The intensive use of 3D printing, early stage FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect analysis), goniophotometer measurement and an in-house third party recognised lab (SMT/CTF/satellite data acceptance) result in a fast, efficient and ‘first time right’ development process. As such, it is an essential attribute in the company’s short idea-to-market philosophy.

Throughout the entire production process Delta Light distinguishes itself by handling the strictest quality parameters, to ensure products and services are designed and produced to exceed customer requirements. Every step in the production process has a routine quality procedure, covering both product quality and testing. Every single product that leaves Delta Light, has been inspected and tested thoroughly, resulting in minimal returns and maximum efficiency.


Delta Light maintains the highest standards in everything we do – including in the choice of materials, the technology and the coating process. Many of our product ranges feature special coating on critical parts (e.g. screws, bolts, latches etc), combined with high-quality alloy and specialist paint.
To avoid the problem of oxidation and corrosion of outdoor products, Delta Light uses a prime selection of aluminium alloys with a low content in copper. The protection by anodizing treatment, on all suitable components including die-cast aluminium ones, improves the resistance against corrosion. The titanium-based conversion layer offers a further protective layer for protection prior to pr the final polyester painting.
We apply extensive pre-painting surface treatments for maximum protection against corrosion, such as acid washing to clean the surface, rinsing with demineralized water to remove residue, and the application of a chemical conversion treatment to protect against rusting.

Our polyester powder color coating is based on saturated polyester resins, electrostatically applied and oven cured at 200°, guaranteeing high resistance to atmospheric ageing and UV light exposure. Extra resistant surface paint is guaranteed by filiform corrosion testing with an exposion of over 1500h.

All coating procedures are followed by daily careful testing. Strict controls are constantly maintained over the parameters of every step in the process, such as purity, pH, chemical concentrations, temperature, etc. This ensures the best achievable substrate penetration and uniformity of the conversion coat, thereby ensuring optimum corrosion resistance and powder-coat adhesion.