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The Soliscape components

The Soliscape system is a toolbox of flexible components and modules; a system that combines lighting with acoustics and connected sensoring. The system is also flexible and future-proof, as it allows for new materials and functions to be added in the future.

All of us as designers always want to change how the design looks like. In the end we want to adapt it to the spaces that we design. So it became part of the design process to develop a toolbox.” Filippo Lodi, Head of Innovation at UNStudio

Soliscape profile

The profile

The slender Soliscape profile is the structural base to customize your Soliscape configurations.With dimensions reduced to 3/4” x 7/8” – 19mm x 23mm, it is minimalism at its purest, allowing you to create unique “graphical” configurations. In contrast to common track or profile suspensions, all modules are plugged in from above, maintaining a smooth appearance from below. The linear elements can be combined with the signature Soliscape curved or 90° corners, upgrading its surroundings with dynamism and attitude.

Soliscape Spot

The spot

The Soliscape spot modules comes in 2 sizes and various color combinations. It enables you to illuminate any part of the room where Soliscape is applied. The hybrid optics guarantee a precise beam, as the lens controls and shapes the light that is reflected from the high-quality reflector.

The spot modules have a color rendering of CRI ≥ 90, or come in a CRI ≥ 95 version with Delta Light’s unique Natural Light Technology (NLT), state of the art LEDs with a spectrum that very closely matches that of the sun. That includes a broader spectrum, which is preferable for the human eye and brings out the vibrant colors, and an enhanced cyan energy, boosting the human activity.

As so, helping to control the circadian rhythm to further stimulate the human wellbeing. The Soliscape spot modules makes its connection on the top of the profile, keeping a very clean and refined appearance without compromising on flexibility and performance.

Soliscape profile

Linear lighting

In the Soliscape system you can add different types of linear profiles, both with up- and downlighting, enhancing the sense of space and creating a uniform glow on both vertical as horizontal surfaces, which leads to a reduced contrast and relaxes the eye. The Soli-Form profile is a combination of Delta Light’s Melanopic Light Technology (MLT) with high efficient louvre optics.

The reflector is designed to perfectly embrace every individual LED module in a way to boost the efficiency of the complete luminaire, while maintaining a high level of visual comfort, as every LED dot is shielded from being looked into. Its slender dimensions of 1”-1/8 by 1”-1/8 – 28 by 28mm weld in seamlessly with the slim dimensions of the Soliscape.

Apart from task lighting and focused accent lighting, Soliscape offers linear solutions for general lighting with the Soli-Line. Matching with the complete set-up, the design is minimalist and straightforward. Installed in line with the profile or connecting two opposite profiles, these straight lines are finished with a sandblasted optic to diffuse the light around the room, both as down- or uplight.

Soliscape accoustic panels

Acoustic panels

For additional optimization of room acoustics, Soliscape enables you to combine user focused lighting with Soli-Shhh panels. The sound-absorbing panels can easily be added or removed, positioned flat or tilted, guaranteeing noise reduction to office spaces and meetings rooms in the most aesthetical

way. These sound-absorbing panels are created to solve the problem of indoor reverberation to guarantee the best acoustic comfort and wellbeing. Absorbing the noises in the field of typical speech frequencies (between 500 Hz and 2000 Hz). These sound absorbing panels can be applied to facilitate for specific functionalities, from acoustic to decorative and illuminous atmospheric scenes.

Soli-Shhh panels can be used as an add-on to the Soliscape toolbox or as a separate sound absorbing element, be it with or without additional spot modules mounted around the circle.

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The sensor

The Soli-Sense module is key in the user-centric approach of Soliscape, as it captures relevant data from its surroundings that serve to interact with the modules of the system, detecting presence, and adapting the light intensity based on incoming daylight.

Sensors and connectivity in Soliscape

Soliscape combines individual functions into one all-encompassing system, offering a more affordable and efficient tool to work with. Aside from the affordability of the single component, affordability is created through the scalability of the system, where products couple with services. Soliscape has basic framing elements, but allows for a variety of complementary circular materials to expand its look and feel. Furthermore, controlled and smart lighting contributes to the overall energy efficiency of the building.

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The Soliscape family

An extremely versatile and flexible system, specifically designed to create human-centric environments.

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