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Sensorial responsive

Sensors and connectivity in Soliscape

In a world that is in a state of constant evolution, where cutting edge technology brings new ways of interacting and experiencing, we know that the physical need for buildings to live and work in will remain. Rather than staying static, buildings evolve towards becoming a reflection of what humans crave in their daily lives and a response to many new economic, environmental and social movements.

Office buildings have throughout the years gone through many transformations. From the large private offices to the private, enclosed workstations to the recent opening up of the office, encouraging collaborative work. Headquarters have dematerialized over time, now being split between the office, the home and third places.

Soli-Sense. Light control

Equipped with a DALI sensor, the Soli-Sense system offers light regulation based on movement and light level. The system allows motion detection and daylight-based control. You could for instance set up a desired amount of lux on the tabletop, and the DALI sensor will adjust the luminesce of the Soliscape lighting modules throughout the day.


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An extremely versatile and flexible system, specifically designed to create human-centric environments.

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