We recognise that our business activities are associated with responsibility for ecological awareness and health and sustainability, and as such we treat these issues as a priority.
Our quest for sustainability at Delta Light is translated in continuously striving to make our products and operations more efficient, durable and environmentally friendly. With each new collection, come new technological developments, evolutions in recyclability, and in efficiency of material use, production and transportation. These efforts have seen us win awards such as Lighting For Good Awards in 2019 and 2020.

Today we can say our production operates on a self-powered renewable energy model. Our headquarters in Belgium are equipped with solar panels that provide enough solar energy to cover the energy need of our entire production line and of the office site.

Recycling and production waste management is a key theme that is reflected in our production processes, such as our handling of aluminium scrap. Many of our luminaires are created from aluminium profiles. We optimise the usage of these profiles; however, waste is inevitable. As aluminium is 100% recyclable, all aluminium waste is collected for recycling.

At our Belgian headquarters and at our global offices we take pride in providing a healthy, safe, and balanced environment for all employees. Our efforts in sustainability and wellbeing as an employer and manufacturer have earned us a 2019 Silver Medal by the independent monitor Ecovadis.